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You'll kill your ability to use the sails to assist maneuvering if you slave the fore and main's together. Slaving main and mizzen is the RC way of replicating real ship practice - on real ships the main and mizzen yards are swung at the same time, crew size permitting. Handling the foremast sails separately allows you to use them to steer the bow, particularly in completing the tack. Foremast sails and jibs are on one side of the keel teetertotter (CLR, center of lateral resistance, the hydrodynamic center of the hull&keel), while main and mizzen sails are on the other side. So, you can make the hull weathervane into the wind, or anti-weathervane away from the wind.

Yard lock (the crashing..) is potentially present on real ships and models both. You just have to learn how to move the joysticks (timing mainly). It has never been fatal on my ships: you notice that the yards aren't swinging like you expect, realize what's happened (locked), and then back off one of the joysticks to free them up.
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