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Originally Posted by KRIS... View Post
Nice post i am about to maiden mine shortly just waiting for my Hyperion's to be delivered.

I am at little nervous but you always are with any maiden.
No need to be nervous, check the CG, give it some (eg. 30%) expo, and give it a flat toss, preferably from a slight elevation, I was standing on 1m knoll. She floated beautifully, so I powered her up gently and aimed for the sky. The only mistake you can make is messing up the CG, flooring it and tossing too steeply:

RC Plane Crashes into a Gate (0 min 35 sec)

Btw, you don't really need high end (eg. Hyps) lipos flying her, unless you are going for small cells, under 1Ah.

Originally Posted by Paul-RC View Post
Here is my Radian
I did use the self adhesive chrome and fluo on the leading edge and painted under the wing tips orange fluo and also under the horizontal stab.
I did use heat to remove some indents in the foam and it takes very little heat.
Your ships looks awesome against the blue sky! Unfortunately, I'll be flying more often on overcast days. Some people claim black and white is the only way to get enough contrast, how does your plane look on overcast days?

Is chrome as good as 'reflective stickers'? I've been thinking of putting chrome/reflective stickers on the winglets, does your chrome leading edge trim help on overcast days?

Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
I wouldn't wrap the entire wing in covering. Just extra weight for no reason.

To increase the visibility on my Radian, I used Krylon fluorescent orange spray paint to put some stripes on my wings and trim sheet Monokote,Chrome
Stock Number: TOPQ4110, (no heat required, just press on) on the wing tips. Works great with very little weight added.
Thanks for the sku. but I'm in Ultracote territory (called Oracover here), Monokote isn't widely available on this side of the Pond, so I'll probably go for chrome from Ultracote. Btw. weight wise, Oracover chrome is 55g (Orastick 58g) /m2 hence covering the wing would only add around 45g, which would probably be more or less offset by a slightly lower drag.
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