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KFoenix Stick Build - Misc. Details - Part 9

KFoenix Stick Build - Misc. Details - Part 9

I wanted to protect the mounted servos in rough field landings as I don't have a runway or use landing gear. I also want to get the receiver mounted and protected better. So I made a combined servo protector/landing skid/servo tray and it looks like it might work out good.

70 - I cut up a square plastic Maxwell House coffee can made out of a fairly heavyweight but flexible plastic. I cut the top and bottom out of that, cut down the sides to make a flat piece, and cut a pair of 2" wide by 9" long strips from the plastic.

The rounded corners of the original shape made a nice curve for the front end. I cut a 10mm square hole in each end so it could fit on the stick in front of the servo tray and wrap down and back to the stick again behind it. I wrapped the plastic into a "U" shape around a 3/4" dowel and clamped it on, then heated it with a hot air gun and let it cool. That "set" the curves at each end so they would hold their shape.

I roughed up an area at one end with 60 grit sandpaper, cleaned the area with alcohol, and put some adhesive backed Velcro hooks there for mounting the receiver.

71 - As the Skid Tray was mounted on the stick I used a hole punch to make a couple of holes for the push rods and another for the antenna to come through on it's way to the receiver. Short servo extensions were added to reach the ESC lead and another to use for connecting the aileron "Y" cable too.

72 - Side view of the Skid Tray with every thing positioned and ready to fly.

To be continued...

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