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Originally Posted by Foambird View Post
The BEC voltage cut-off is not the same as the motor cut-off. When you reach the ESC cut-off you are not at risk of losing or draining your LiPo to a damaging voltage. The ESC cut-off allows a generous margin for your electronics.

9.2v is a very low limit on a 3s Lipo and I have never seen this flying way beyond the motor LVC. The surging signal from the motor does not signal a need to land...I have had the surge signal and landed 15 minutes later with a battery voltage at 11.2v.
You are not measuring it under load. The default LVC on the Radian with stock ESC is 9.2V or 74% of starting V, whichever is greater (and 9.2 is almost always going to be greater under load). If you experience motor pulsing from LVC then the voltage was 9.2V.

The BEC never "cuts off", by the way. It will keep providing juice until the battery voltage is below the 5V it is regulated at. If that ever happens (and you recover the plane) go ahead and throw away the lipo, it's toast. But flying 15 more minutes without motor is not much risk with a good battery, you got that part right. Without motor you aren't drawing more than 150mAh max, which is 37mAh in 15 min.
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