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Curious as to some opinions here since we are talking setups on 4s. I had in the box a new Hyperion ZS 3025 10-Turn motor that I just put on a 57" 3DH Extra. I should have weighed it while I had it out but the specs say 6.95 oz's, add another ounce or so for prop adaptor and backplate, so roughly 8 ounces. Spun it up using a 15x7 Vox wooden prop with Rhino 3700 25c 4s battery and a Reaper 85 amp ESC and came out at 1150 watts at just around 85 amps. Thats after it settles down from initial peak. Could be an alternative for a real lightweight setup. I read that this ship flies best at around 1200 watts but maybe the weight being less would even that out. AUW is 4.5 Ilbs. My 2 concerns are:
1. The motor did get a little warm, 115 degrees after a couple minutes of running it at various throttle settings. Inflight airflow, maybe wind baffles may help this.
2. Would it be able to balance the big 60" Edge without adding noseweight. No sense in adding deadweight.
Haven't really made a decision yet on the powerplant but I'm not going to buy a new set of 5-6 cell batts when I have all these 4 cells. Just thinking out loud and curious as to any thoughts.
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