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Balanced props and flew. Very cool windy out. 8 - 10 steady, gusts to 12 or so. I wanted to see if balancing props made a difference before I started adjusting P I D settings as recommended by Witespy. Plus, it is too windy to really know how it will effect the quad I think if the wind is too high.

Flew well in stable mode in the wind. See video.

With auto level on it did fly but again, with a 10 mph wind, you have to give it forward stick (if facing in the wind direction) to keep it from drifting. It takes a ton of forward stick to do this and the quad doesn't like it so it fights back to be level. So, should I go lower than 9 or just not fly in winds this high, or just not use auto level in high winds? Witespy published a video of him flying in very high winds in auto level mode.

I still have that surging even after balancing the props so I will start to make some adjustments. Witespy posted a recommendation.
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