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Turnigy 9x mod for CL, DL, RL or CL-Dare

Hi all,

I modified my Turnigy 9x to operate with either a RangeLink, ChainLink or DragonLink LRS system. Lately someone also applied this mod for a ChainLinkDare. I don't own a Scherrer or EzUhf so I don't know if the aproach would work there too.

This is a step by step instruction to end with what I think a pretty nice solution. What I missed from other tutorials were two things.

a) a clean way to connect to the transmitter signals while still haveing the option to use the trainer port

b) To have the lrs systems antenna point vertically. Most mods seem to mount it horizontaly. This is a missalignement of the antennas by 90 degrees which results in 12 dB loss, alas range would suffer quite a bit.

So here we go. I do not give any instructions on how to change the firmware in the Turnigy 9x as there are other tutorials describing this very well. Obviousely I strongly recommend to do so as the alternative firmwares are WAY better than what comes in the stock setup. This tutorial centers around connecting the CL (or DL, should work the same) to your transmitter.

The first picture showes the original Turnigy 9x back side with the original HF module in place. We don't need this module any more, but we need the housing!

Remove the module and open it's cover by unscrewing the two black small screws. Then remove the hot glue and cut off the antenna wire close to the PCB. Take the complete PCB out.

This is how the PCB that you have to take out looks like.

This is the back side of the PCB. Now cut off all components from the upper board, and seperate the boards. Unsolder all components except for the connector that leaves the original module and connects to the transmitter.

Once you have unsoldered the components, the board should look like this.

On the back side leave this connector.

Now solder the cable that came with your CL or DL to the board as shown in this picture. Make sure to FIRST route the cable through the hole in the original hf module cover.

Once done it should look like this.

Glue the PCB back into the housing using hot glue. Make sure not to use too much and to only glue it on the sides (like in the following picture). Otherwise the module cover will no longer snap in properly.

This picture showes the complete modification to the HF module.

Now we have to remove the original antenna. To do so, open up the TX housing (six screws) and disconnect the connector that goes to the main PCB inside the tx. You should have this in front of you.

Unscrew the marked screw, and pull the antenna out.

Unscrew the second screw also and take the black part out

You should end up with something like this.

Now cut off the remaining antenna tube from the main tx housing and grind it down to the level.

Attach velcro on the area.

Attach the other part of the velcro to the back side of your LRS system transmitter and put it in place. Connect the wire that comes out of the original HF module housing to the lrs transmitter.

This is how your transmitter now should look like.


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