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Wow! So many jokes, so little time!
Building a batch of these liked to have killed me about 3 hours ago. No really! Had talked to IBC about welding the antennas together. Mainly because I see some being made & as a welder I just kinda cringe. No one else seems to have gtaw'd any. Tigging them sure makes it stronger and way easier to join to the cable electrode. Tho the cheap PTFE coax I had laying around really doesn't like it much.

So having some 3/32" ER70S2, 1/16" ER316 & some 14ga Romex (Oxidized copper house wiring) laying around I started a few. :P

Then my ears started ringing.
And my ear went numb.
Uh oh..... I think all welders know what that means. > : (
Yup sure enough. 120cuft tank of argon was showing 22psi. Had 1800-1900psi in it when I started working 45-60min before. Filled up the garage with Argon & I just never heard it leaking. And that's WITH the garage door open 1 stop. (small gas lens on the torch will run OK at extremely low flow rates.) Gas line split inside the machine.
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