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Well I had totally frecked out experience this morning. Went out in the yard to practice and trim out my quad. Played around for about 5-6 mins. touch and go. I'm hovering about 5 inches of the ground and suddenly the quad rockets straight up. Full power. I cut the throttle but it's still climbing above the trees now and I'm totally crapping my pants. No response to throttle. DX7 showing plenty of battery 10.8v for transmission. Only option now is to turn off TX and see what happens. Poof motors cut off and she comes down drifting a bit to the left. Lands three houses down in driveway upside down. I'm talking dropping I would say 5 stories maybe more. Walk over to it figuring the whole thing is toast. Holy Crap!!!!! Two props busted, rx laying on ground near body just separated from connections. Battery is toast separated and bulged, looks like two of the skinny standoffs holding the upper pc board came loose. Lost the nuts holding it but not broken. One of the Gaui protection frame aluminum rods bent. All in all the thing survived. Now if that doesn't say something about the strength of Vic20's frames I don't know what does.
Ok biggest problem What would cause it to go full power and not respond to throttle control???? Also have to hook up the rx again. Paul can you show me diagram or pic of what goes where on it??
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