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Originally Posted by Foambird View Post
Some clarification may be needed here.

In the photos of your change out from EC3 connectors to the XT60s something seems backwards, either the text or the photo and I can't be sure but...

In North America a power supplying plug must be female and the "sex" is determined by the actual contacts, not the "sex" of the plug or fitting.

So our batteries incorporate a female terminal even though the connector plastic is male.

Think of any power supply in your home such as your AC outlets...all female. Your car lighter plug, headphones...female. Even USB ports. The actual electrical contacts designate the sex.

This is a long established safety issue to prevent easily shorting a power supplying terminal with exposed male terminals.

As I was taught in EE school....the male "plugs into the true source of power...the female" not too hard to remember if you are a dating or married man...

There are exceptions such as car batteries and 9volt batteries.
haha yes your right,The battery is female, and the ESC is male, if you go by how the actual connection is.. But i always do it the way i stated. Of the actual plug,honestly that's how i thought is was..thanks for the info.
Sorry for late reply,its been awhile lol
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