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Originally Posted by UliZ View Post
@EQMod and @Martyn McKenny,

well I can not argue your discussion (too less physics knowledge ) but what I can do is to proove the effect itself now.

As posted yesterday, I gave it a 2nd try and this time movin' the neos around whole the circle of the mCPX stock tail motor (same as mSR tail motor).
I indeed found a position where RPM is drastically improved, but... that was not right the place where that litte neodyms would like to place themseleves to but somewhat ~90 away.

Finally I glued them on that position and the motor is now spinning at a higher speed at full input (on mCPX tail is FBL-driven). Field tests outside to proove the estimated higher piro rate will be done in a few hours and I'll be back with the results (sorry can#t film that).

Yup. If the magnet repels from the can, you are in the right track. Actually one of the difficult task is glueing them on the can with CA. I need to stick the magnet 90 away from the can then slide it with my finger to the glue point and wait for the CA to harden. And i had to do it 20 times if i am to stick 20 pellets on the can
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