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How do you recommend to disable the motors? Unplug one wire from each or unplug throttle plug, or not arm?

Originally Posted by witespy View Post
This needed to be done to match your transmitter. To get flying level in mode modes. You have "two" trims .

Gyro calibration,
Full throttle down + full yaw left + full pitch down

ACC calibration:
Full throttle up (disable motors first !) + full yaw left + full pitch backward

Question: How should we calibrate the Autolevel/Stable mode in version 1.7.
1. Fly with acro mode on and see the drift direction.
2. Adjust the roll/pitch trims on the TX to compensate in the correct direction
3. If the trim is not ok repeat step 2
4. Calibrate ACC, activate level mode and fly
5. Land and adjust the roll/pitch software ACC trims via the TX to compensate in the correct direction
6. Fly again ang go to step 5 if the trim is not ok
Keep doing this until it is basically stable in roll/pitch for drift. Expect to do it at least 3 times.

__________________________________________________ ________________

How to trim your Copter: only 1.7pre version

1. Trim in "acro" = headholding mode:

Calibration is made on each power on, but you can do it manually like before:
Full throttle down + full yaw left + full pitch down

Just fly in acro mode and trim your copter with the trims on your transmitter.
No need to land, just do it in the air and trim as long as it looks good for you.

2. Trim in "stable" = ACC mode:

1. You have to trim your copter in "acro" mode before. So your copter is perfectly trimmed in acro mode. Otherwise you are overmixing trims from acro mode to stable mode and you have to trim stable mode again.

2. You have to calibrate ACC.
Copter must be stable and level at the ground.
Motors disarmed.
Full throttle up + full yaw left + full pitch backward

3. Now start motors and fly in stable mode.
Normally its better to start here as normal in acro mode and switch to stable mode while in the air. Because if stable mode needs much trim, its easier to fly in acro mode.

Okay, so you are now with stable mode in the air and the copter drifts to the right and backwards.
Switch back to acro (easier to land) and land your copter.
Disarm motors.

4. Now trim the ACC mode.
Don't touch your trims on the transmitter.
Give full throttle (must be >1900)
With the help of your roll and pitch stick you could now trim the ACC mode.
full PITCH forward/backward and full ROLL left/right (2 axis possibilities) will trim the level mode according to the neutral angle you want to change. The status LED will blink to confirm each ticks.

So in our example above, i have to move the pitch stick full forward about 4-5x. That means from neutral to full and back to neutral, 4-5 times.
the led each time blink, when move full forward.
The same for the roll axis. About 1-2x full roll to the left, because my drift on the roll was less than on the pitch axis.

After that start your motors and do again 3. until your copter is complete in level in ACC mode.

If you want to reset the ACC trims, just do step 2. (ACC calibration)
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