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Now being a total new person to this I wanted to investigate all options of saving my quad etc. due to my inexperience. Even thought the frame is a little different and also bigger than the Gaui I decided to buy the Guai protection frame. It's cheap enough really. I think I paid like $16.99. So to fit it to witespy's quad I had to mod it just a little. Basically drilling new holes in the rubber to line up with the holes on the motor mount arms. Also drilled hole thru the top so that the motor shafts which are extended down on mine would go thru it without touching or rubbing. (don't know if these can be cut off).The plastic tubes between the bumpers just fit. I believe you glue these in since the instructions say nothing except a drawing of a hand holding what appears to be a sqeeze bottle toward that. The white tubes are hollow but I think you can get something similar in Home Depot and just cut to length.
Big thing is I haven't tried it yet. Raining and major snow storm coming tonite. My thoughts though on these. Close to the ground if you start to tip the quad too much for some reason or wind you'll save your props, when in flight if you say bump against a tree or something you should just bounce back and not hit your prop (makes flying closer to objects a little safer), and finally I think it will help in seeing the orientation of your quad.
Again I'm totally new so this may be a pipe dream and really do nothing. Just throwing this out to everyone as a possible option. Oh also might be cool with the LED lights around these???

The rods coming out from under the motor are aluminum.

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