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OP, I can't help you too much as I'm "newish" to the hobby. I have a PZ Micro P51 and a BH 63" P51. Out of the box both models have a very nice quality to the body, both were packed very well. While I think you will find PZ is superior to the stuff BH offers, I think alot of people are placing blame on BH for things that aren't their fault. I see a lot of past history of them having poop customer service. My Mustang from them had a faulty servo, it took a very minor effort of back and forth and they shipped me a new servo. While I do believe a company is obligated to ensure quality products, I don't think they are directly responsible for hidden defects like with my servo unlike a lot of other threads I've read.

From a quick inspection my BH (which is really a Starmax, like all their other products rebranded as Blitz are something else like Art Tech etc...) it was perfect. After removing it from the plastic ONLY then was it noticable it had some minor flaws like sticky paint and crispy decals.

From my short time back in the flying hobby, and very short time in the powered RC portion of it I have learned that you should be aware that doing buisiness with BH is a risk, BUT ultimately they delivered for me. I couldn't get ahold of their customer support via their website and I didn't feel like using a calling card to get ahold of them (I'm an American living in the UK). However they did read a thread I posted in their sub-forum and responded satisfactorily (sorry horrible spelling I'm sure).

Ultimately if I could do things over again I'd still purchase the 63" Mustang from them, but if another more reputable company was offering the same or very similar product I'd lean towards that. With the Mustang it was the size and scale I wanted at a price I couldn't refuse. I don't know what brand the BH Corsair really is, but do a bit more research. You may end up paying up to $100 more correcting actual or potential problems on it like we are with the 63" Stang however it was the only thing that ticked all my personal boxes. I'll still purchase stuff from BH, but I'll be doubly sure that they are the only providers of a product, mostly due to the high shipping cost... Horizon Hobby does free shipping to Military stationed overseas so they are my first hit from here out.

Originally Posted by FalseHope View Post
I have never purchased a BH plane, although I am saving up for the 63 inch Mustang. All my other planes are Parkzone.
OT Do it, it's got minor flaws but overall I'm really impressed with the quality!

Though I think you may want a barebones version as at the very least the retracts REQUIRE replacement.

*EDIT* Doh, I saw OP went a different direction... that's what I get for skipping a post or two at the bottom.
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