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Originally Posted by TerryE View Post
Quick question....

I am looking to move from my MCX2 to a larger 4 channel coax.

I think I have it narrowed down to either:

Esky Big LAMA
Walkera LAMA 400

What do you guys think? which would be a better step up? Better quality?

My next step (after this) is to a TREX 450, than up to my TREX 600.

These are the two most common helis for people picking a larger 4ch coax.
Which one of the two is "better" is almost a philosophical question. You will find a very "dedicated fan-base" for either.

There are a few thing to consider in my eyes, though...
(I have to admit, I feel more comfortable with the 400, but as I said, this is a very debateable subject)

First thing I would suggest to consider at the moment, is the availability... you will be finding a 400(D) MUCH easier ATM that you will find a BOL for sale

Then, there is the price - a BOL is (IF you happen to find one) substantially cheaper than the L400 - however, this is kind of justified, as the 400 comes all aluminum while most of the same parts on the BOL are still plastic.
(this means you would have to put quite a few bucks into aluminum upgrade parts for the BOL to make the 2 truly comparable - a fact that I also mentioned in one of my blogposts ... just dont remember if it was at BOL or at 400 ... ... it is there in greater detail)

The 400 is noticeably bigger than the BOL and has MUCH stronger motors (however, several people did report those motors not to be too durable - a claim that I can really not support ... mine always worked fine ...)

Both can be modded very well and both kind of have their proprietary electronics ... so in the end it really comes down to personal taste ...

Like I said, I have a tendency towards the 400, but other people will most likely tell you different stories - tends to be a very "person based" decision.

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