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100% scale, Electric Lazair

Over 30 years ago I designed the Lazair ultralight. My company 'Ultraflight' produced about 1200 of these aircraft kits between 1979 and 1985. I believe that, over the years, there have been Lazairs in 5 museums, including one in the Smithsonian right now.

Back then, there was a revolution of sorts when we married modern lightweight 2 cycle engines with lightweight airframes and ultralights were born.

Today, another revolution is possible. The RC model aircraft industry is propelling this revolution with the batteries, chargers and power systems we see today.

The twin engine Lazair is an ideal vehicle for electric conversion and over that last 10 years I have dabbled in trying to electrify one several times. Each time I was thwarted by many issues but this time I will do it. There has been an electric Lazair flying in England for a couple years using Predator motors.

Experience has shown me that the Lazair can fly around at about 30 mph using only about 3 kw of power.

The RCgroups forums have been invaluable to me in obtaining knowledge that I need to build this unique version of the Lazair.

Rather than hijack other threads I have been following, I have started my own Build Log here, in 'Batteries and Chargers', the heart of the enabling hardware that will make his happen. I am sure that 'Power Systems' will get their fair share of crossover reader interest.

I don't want to consume too much of my time posting and monitoring this thread but in a way I owe it to you guys to give some hard earned knowledge back to the ether.

Here is what I have chosen so far:

Two 10 kw Turnigy CA120-70 motors with 32-12 props reconfigured to WYE terminations.

Two JetiSpin OPTO 300 controllers.

96 pieces of Zippy 5000 mah cells arranged in 6 packs of 16s4p each.

Six of FMAdirect PL8 v2 chargers, each one running off two 12v 900 watt Dell Poweredge 6650 power supplies wired in series to get 1800w at 24v.

Testing so far shows that I can expect to have close to 2 hours endurance (turned out to be 1 hr 20 min, so much for tests) with this 'legal' ultralight setup and then be able to recharge the batteries in about 1 hr (turned out to be 1 hr 15 min, not too bad a guess).

I have attached a few pictures to this post and will add pictures as new posts as I can. Although I do expect to fly the Electric Lazair on this float setup, the first flights will be on wheels.

And by the way, my current plans are to fly this airplane from my home in Hammondsport, NY to the Atlantic ocean, to the Pacific ocean, to Oshkosh and then back home this summer.
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