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Thanks for your comment about chosing your models

Hi Mike,
I'm a little late with this comment but I try to read everything from the guys who have put in the hours and thought about our hobby and your comment about how you choose a model for your contest season really struck a chord with me. Because of my travels to so many flying sites and clubs in the USA (and other places:-), and having owned many of the new models to come along during my time in the hobby, I got to see first hand how wrong it was that that top pilots only chose models given to them and that it didn't matter what they flew because their skills were so extrodinary. The day JW won an unlimited contest using a bent up foamy, marked the day that many modelers in the USA considered his (and other world class pilot's) contest model choice as irrelevent.

For years after there was the stigma that JW or DP (or you) could win with anything....and that actually hurt the hobby in someways....because no one said what you did in your comment...that while they can win with about anything, they (and you) 'choose' their models to optimize their chances at winning. Not because they get models for free.
Thanks for posting that comment.

I would like to clarify my comments in case there might be those that would discredit my comments thinking that I or others might have a specific agenda that is driving the positive posts regarding the Aspire. The truth is that I do have an agenda. My agenda is to set out to prove to myself that my choice in a glider (for reasons like "it looks cool" or "Airfoils by Herrig" or "availability of parts and service" whatever the reason may be) does not cost me when it comes to performance. I chose a glider for my own reasons, and then I fly it and if it performs, I keep it. If it doesn't I usually keep it anyway, and if it just doesn't get flown very much, then I will sell it. So for me to post my subjective, non scientific opinions regarding the Aspire or any glider, it is simply sharing with anyone that might be interested my thought process, and my observations that lead me to having the confidence it takes to go head to head against other top gliders like Explorer's, Supra's, and Icon 2's.

Based on my post above, I do believe that any disadvantage I may have compared to another pilot flying a different model is on the human side of the sticks.

I hope this helps clarify my agenda to interested readers. If I was being paid to fly Aspire, I could not make this statement. But, like everybody else, I have to think long and hard about what gliders I would be willing to shell out big bucks for, and Aspire is my J/TD top pick. So that is where my money went.

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