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OK not 100% Rhino but surely relevant enough...

We all know that finding a nice 3 view drawing of your favourite subject
on the internet is not the easiest thing to do. Apart from the
inaccuracies which is ususally the biggest problem (but also one you
cannot do much about) there are also some others: too much noise and fat
lines being the most common.

So I was wondering if someone could post a method on how to edit an image
in a photo program in order to remove the noise, get some thinner sharper
lines and generally prepare those drawings before importing into CAD.

Another problem one might face is that in some cases one of the views
(usually the top), is presented rotated at an unknown angle. If that's
the case what is the best way to bring it back to a convenient up-down
orientation?? Rotate it in the photo program? Or will that distort the
image? If so then maybe import it as a picture frame in Rhino and then
rotate that? Other method??

Hope I'm not asking for too much here.
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