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Think I'll just continue on in here, since its the same manufacture, Light Machines/Intelitek. I'll change the title to include the Prolight 2000.

Has a nice lift ring on top. Was able to use an engine hoist to lift it out of the truck, and onto the table. Should be around 500 pounds. Table, computer, mill with a vice, pallet, and a little tooling came in at 750 pounds.
Took some of the back panel electronics out, to check condition. Traced out wires to understand it better. All looks fine, so put it back in.
Tested all the limit switches, servo's, and encoders. All checked out good.

Decided to plug it in an see what happens. My main computer was having connection problems. So went to the old included computer. Stripped it down to just Dos version 7, and the PLM2000 software. Works great except when I use the mouse, I get connection problems. So I need to play around with the serial port. Or just leave the mouse still, and use the keyboard.

So far I really like this mill. Smooth, quiet, and fast.
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