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Originally Posted by clintfisher View Post
Also, regarding Fragzilla's video of blade separation, I'm GLAD he posted the video and am having a tough time believing it somehow diminishes credibility of others who have experienced blade separation.

The FACT is that blade grips have been releasing.
The FACT is that they release with DANGEROUS velocities that could easily take a bystander's eye out with little to no warning.

Yes, the MCPx is already a potentially hazardous aircraft, but typically a bystander would have time to duck, dodge, or shield themselves from the whole heli. But a thrown blade? It's pretty much like a bullet, leaving a bystander little to no chance of dodging that "bullet".

Regardless of how he instigated the separation (which he's been fairly clear about), Fragzilla's video demonstrates the very REAL danger of blade separation, and gives a good warning to others to be sure to pre-flight their aircraft carefully or add a safety measure.

I'm glad he made the video, and am sad to see folks trashing him about it.

Having said all this, I LOVE my two MCPx's. HH's customer service has been great to me, and I'd recommend this bird (and a simulator) for anyone wanting to get into CP helis without completely draining their bank account.

My previous comments and observations about Fragzilla's video were not meant to diminish the experience of others here with regards to safety issues they have encountered with grip bearings and blade tossing.

In fact, his video was made with a clear intention (by his own audio on the vid) of tossing a blade. I think when someone IS injured that this website along with others will be researched by lawyers seeking evidence to show misuse to win lawsuits. I don't want to get into that subject as lawyers really me off when they try to leverage the misfortune of others to line their own pockets, but in truth the credibility of others may very well be questioned by "stunts" of a relative small number of people. I think that is the point many members, myself included are trying to make here.

Fly safe everyone

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