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Originally Posted by everydayflyer View Post
1500 / 50 = 30 or a 1/30 C charge rate so IMO not really and problems but others will disagree.

A simple solution used by some is a timer which powers the charger for 2 hours per day. Use a mechanical one and after flying for the day set it max., right after normal turn off time ,switch it on (manually)and it will charge for 24 hours then two hours per day.
Hi Charles and Abenn,this is club equipment at the clubhouse,it's there for guest who might show up so we just leave the Tx plugged in to a wall wart type charger that puts out 50mah,when we leave nowone will go back up there to turn on or off anything until following weekend in fact it might not get used for months,it's just a cheap radio so we don't really care,but as i posted what would you guys do,wack it on the peak charger and have to wait or leave it plugged in.We've done this for 2 years and the batts have had it,so sinse i'm the one that has to buy because the others are misers(they'll buy beer),i'm wondering as leaving them to run flat by self discharge and then wacking them at 500mah might be just as bad as leaving them on trickle for god knows how long. Regards Peter
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