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Good evening folks... Its another rainy day here, and will be for most of the week they say. The biggest set-back is the epoxy is taking forever to dry... oh well... and Tom, I can relate to the fuselage thing...not my favorite most of the least in the beginning stages. Thanks a bunch for the compliments too. Fortunately we have a very small fuselage here, and its doing just what its intended, as I'm getting some much needed practice from it..can't go wrong there huh.

cracksme.. Thanks for the kind words man... ..I did notice the wing-sheeting is 1/16"..and thanks for the heads up... for sure.. its 90% balsa plane so it will be a little more fragile..I've got to remember that too... and you're so right on about the "taking the time".. I've got a motto I follow in my trade.."if it takes 10 times to get it right..then it takes 10 times...make it right" hurries here.

Some progress today... slow but sure..

Pic #1. The sub-landing-gear-plate installed. Very tight tolerance, and precise fit. As I waited for the glue to dry, I started marking the firewall for the engine mount. Its a square mount so it starts with center marks, horizontal/vertical.

Pic #2. Since the freaking glue is now taking over 2hrs on the landing gear plate.. I continued on the firewall, marking then drilling for engine-mount, fuel-line, and throttle push-rod. I used the GreatPlanes "DeadCenter" device, as it easily finds center of hole, then the sharp drill easily marks center of that hole... and the clamps.. you can never have too many. I use these for engines and mounts all the time...

Pic #3. The "DeadCenter" device. Won it at club-meeting..wouldn't have bought it, but now wouldn't be without it.

Pic #4. The firewall ready to drill. I did mark and drill the fuel-line and push-rod exits too. The tracing of the inner area, and corner of the mount was all I needed to mark and drill those.

Pic #5. Drilled... with a dang chip(upper right). Oh well.. anymore I just whittle off a chunk from some off-cut, and just CA and shove it in...then block it off.. and that's what I did with this one.. you couldn't tell when I was done. I mean.. its ply to start its already bonded wood... ya know.

Pic #6. Decently finished firewall. I was going to install the blind-nuts but there's ample to do that anytime.. as I usually like to seat those in a fuzz of epoxy.

The landing gear block area might be dry, not going to push it though..
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