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Idriveaboxter Paul
Hi guys!
I'm working on a new design with a canard. On Charles' Egret, is the nose rudder steerable? I'm considering doing something similar in order to avoid using separate servos for rudder and nose wheel because the there is no direct route between the vert stab and nose.
Yes, Paul, The steerable nose gear is just extended up about 2-3/4 inches so that when the nose gear moves the rudder moves with it. The wire is 3/32 inch spring steel with a single coil below the steering arm which is a Carl Goldberg part. The wire was easily bent in a vise. The rudder measures 3 by 2 or 6 sq. inches. At first it was a triangle of half the size but did not work.
I can now do turns with level wings and a knife edge as long as the model turns a bit on elevator. I will attach a picture of the Egret and will be happy to supply any further information.There may be pictures of the Egret build. Just go to the last sentence of post no. one for a reference to an index post.
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