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Originally Posted by Infernal Bill View Post
I've exchanged some emails with Alex about this but thought it might be helpful in this wider discussion. Like many now, I'm switching to Cloverleaf (plane) and Skew Planar Wheel (ground). I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to integrate the SPW into my ground station. Last night I bought a styrofoam half ball from the local art store and sanded out the inside of it to make a dome for my fragile SPW. I've got a styrofoam wheel to close up the bottom and, though it's not pretty, I've got a nice dome to mount on the end of a pvc pole. HOWEVER...

While I understand this antenna should be mounted high, I now understand that I can't extend the coaxial from the antenna to the receiver without serious signal loss. So I believe that leaves me with mounting the receiver under the dome and extending the RCA and power connections from my receiver down the pole from my antenna/receiver to my ground station. So here's my question: what's the best way to extend those connections?

Years ago I remember trying to extend RCA lines to my stereo and I never was able to do it without creating a strong humming sound. Is there a good way to extend that RCA cable or some special connection?

How about the power cord? I remember reading somewhere that power cords out of your ESC shouldn't be extended. Does this apply to the receiver?

Thank in advance.
Someone in another thread here in the forum used a network patch cable. This sounds like a good idea for this kind of application as they are shielded, and the connetors are of good quality too. It's also easy to get the propper matching receptables etc. and since they have eight wires, you should be pretty much all set with one cable going down from the mast to your ground station.

Well, at least thats what I intend to try out to solve the same problem.

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