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Originally Posted by hpiguy View Post
You could have probably gotten batteries of the same size and capacity from a US dealer like Value Hobby or HobbyPartz for the same price once you figured in that $43 shipping.
Yes you're right about that and I had that in mind all along. I could have saved a bunch at value hobby and got them with deans connectors already on them which I mostly use. Have used their lipos and they're good value for about the best price anywhere.

I just wanted to try hobby king and rhinos. I can see the rhinos are made a bit better with an extra layer of plastic covering on the ends of them. Value hobby lipos have the inner silver cells exposed on the ends. No big deal just a small difference.

Before using value hobby I paid $40 or more for hyperion or thunder power of same size. Averaging the price (including best shipping) of these six rhinos comes out to $26.50 each. Value hobby for three of each same size, same C rating including shipping would be $20 each or a bit less.

A quick search did find rhino makes larger batteries for alarm systems and computer power backup systems as well as these.

I picked sizes with dimensions which allow fitting inside a parkzone F27C battery compartment without modding it and allow the hatch to snap in place as designed, making them so much easier to use on a light weight closer-to-stock powered stryker. Also have other higher powered strykers using bigger batteries but I like to have one to help friends learn with and when I just want a quick easy flight.
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