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Oh Herb, I am not ungreatfull, I hope I didnt come off like I was flaming them or anyting, I just think even if it is part time (spelled full time effort part time pay ) he would want to maximize his efforts, why not make the most $ of what he already has. I am just saying I think the translations would be alot less effort than the development of the semi kits has already been,, but I have never done anyting like that either.
Maybe a fellow E-zoner could do the translations, I am sure either the seller or the end buyer would glady pay the considerations for the basic plans, instructions much less a full build documentation with picks of the thing. You know what I mean, Like say hey Claus, kick me a kit and Ill build it and do the documentation in Dutch and English up for you or just do it and offer it for sale on the zone.
Sorry if I implied any ingraditude in my suggestons or opinion. I am sure some day I will have the SU-27, 37 and maybe even Mig-29 in my hanger. I love the looks and quality of the jets.
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