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Starting of fuselage...

Not quite an open door day here in the rained non-stop all day...that's what I get for braggin on Cali weather.. oh well.. can always use rain.

So this first pic is for Tom... the reason I don't need a thermostat... not quite 100,000 btu's, but its heat.. haha.. and I used it today for sure... something tells me this one wouldn't cut it in your shop though.

Pic #2. The die-cut fuselage sides and doublers.. not bad. Everything came out very cleanly..this kit is only 12yrs old though, die-cutting had already evolved greatly. Just an FYI though.. the plans are dated 1998, I've had the kit in my possesion since 2000, so there's no laser cutting at all.

Pic #3. Closer look at the cutting..not bad at all. These identical sheets make 2 "opposite" sides.. as I'm very careful to note, and keep track of... yes...I've built 2 right sides before. I was about 12yrs old and attempted a Jr.Falcon..I wasn't quite ready for it, but I did learn and never forgot.

Pic #4. The major piece count of the fuselage. Not too many at all. The only thing not pictured is the sheeting and top-turtle deck area.

Pic #5. Doublers are in place. I dry fit everything first, as there's several relationships these must line up it never hurts to study these things a bit. I have to say too, the tolerances are fairly tight on this plane, which I really like, It all fits very well, and I've had no surprises yet, again dry fitting helps that immensely.

Pic #6. Just after I set the main-frame with CA. The instructs say to use tape to hold the structure while gluing. I used rubber-bands, which I usually do. I even tried the tape(just because they said to use it), the bands are the key here though, as it simply lined up, locked in, and glued precisely.
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