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Originally Posted by plowboy1966 View Post
Now that you've found a cowl that fits and is already nicely painted, do you leave it and match up you scheme to it, or do the purple one and paint the cowl?

Nice work, btw. Looks like you have ample opportunity to lose weight there too. That pull pull elevator cracks me up! I guess you'll be changing that?

I can't wait to see the finished product!
You know.... the color thing has been EATTIN at me for a couple weeks. I think I have decided to go with the Hanger 9 colors but change the design so it doesn't look like the H9 260.

The ele pull pull was the wildest thing I have EVER seen with the servos mounted on the outside of the fuse in front. Someone just drilled this plane full of holes in an attempt to lighten the plane. it has taken a long time to clean all of that up. Dont drill holes, get bigger motor.

I am not sure what I can do to help it loose weight. Since most of the sheeting is balsa, drilling more holes really wont take away much weight. The wing its self has no spare <that I know of> so I am not willing to take any steps to alter it. The wing with ailerons is 3.1 lbs.
The bare wood fuse structure is <no control surfaces> is 3.9 lbs.

I have my buddies Sig Sukio here,<stripped to recover> his wing with ailerons is 4 inches shorter and weighs 2.75. Quarter pound less and is a built up and not totally sheeted.

His fuse <with control surfaces> is 3.1 lbs. At a pound heavier, my fuse is also larger. Sig Suggests the Sukoi have a 40cc Gasser.

Don't take me wrong, I want it to be light as possible but I don't know if structurally these early day ARF's could be lightened without risk. Thoughts? I am open to suggestions.
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