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HobbyKing CR23L Contra Rotating Brushless Motor

I just got my hands on this little beauty yesterday. I have been waiting for an affordable contra system for a while. So when this came up I was keen to check it out.

The specs on the HK website must be wrong somewhere I reckon. A 300 gram motor only putting out 560 watts? Hopefully they are underspeccing this a fair bit. If I can get 800-1000 watts out of it without stressing it too much I will be pretty happy. So I need to do some testing.

First, is there an easy way to work out the Kv? I don't have a rpm meter or hyperion emeter?

I need to buy some bolts to mount the motor to something to start testing, so until then a breakdown of the parts....

It doesn't look like a bad motor. The way the front prop attaches may need some slicing and dicing. The way it works at the moment it's a long way from the rear prop. At least a couple of centimeters.

The way the rear prop will also need some tweaking if a prop with a large pitch is used, as the plate holding it down is rather large (4.4cm). Might need some washers to space it out from prop hub.

Pics to follow......
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