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I can't help with your charger settings.

But with your receiver packs, if they're the standard AA-size cells, I recommend charging them overnight with the standard wall-wart charger that came with your radio set, instead of 1C charging. The reason is twofold -- first, a delta-peak charger (which yours undoubtedly is when it's in NiMh mode) will stop the charge when it detects the battery voltage dropping ever so slightly, which it does when it's full. The effect is less pronounced with the smaller cells, so the charger might miss it.

Secondly, slow charging (1/10C or so) doesn't harm the cells if it's allowed to continue beyond the point where the cells are full, so it has the effect of balancing the pack by allowing any cells that were lagging behind to catch up after the first cells are full.

If you're only getting 700mAh out of the packs after you've fully charged them, it may indicate that they're at the end of their life. If it's after you've flown them, it simply means you've only used 500mAh during your flying.

But check your charger settings too: Your low cutoff should be at about 0.9v per cell; if it's higher it means your charger won't be taking full capacity out of the pack.
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