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I know the Germans are some ED Fing fools, "thats a compliment BTW" but I have a hard time understanding how in this day and age of Internet commerce that Offshore dose not have an English side to there site and no English instructions. I know we in the US are very spoiled to having others meet our needs,,,, but hey,,, this is where alot of $$$ comes from , and sellers should try to meet there customers needs. It just dose not seem like a very big effort for Off shore to go through to translate this stuff. Especillay with all the trouble they are having geting hard Euro currency deployed they should be concerting there E commerce efforts ie pay pal.
Dont they see all the US hits on there web server and links from this site ?
Oh well, maybe someday Ill learn German.
I dont know how through the instructons are but just imagine how hard it would be to build an easy building kit with lots of illistrations like the KC F-18 if you could not read the instructions.
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