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More wing guts...

Thanks a bunch guys!.. I relate to what you'all are sayin'!.. Its kind of like self-imposed satisfaction.. isn't it great.. I'm already thinking about 3 projects ahead.. I have to tell myself WOE!! but when your in the "zone" its tough to go wrong...and I'm just kinda there with this little plane.. thanks for checking it out..

Pic #1. Sheer webs installed, ready to wrap that part up. Servo-wire guide tubes installed. I almost had to cut these and splice to install. I thought about the access early on, I figured at that time I'd have enough room to manipulate the guide tube between the ribs... I did..barely. I had to "buckle" the tube slightly so it would insert into the pre-cut holes in the ribs.

Pic #2. These are the anchors for the wire tubes I fabricated from the lightest balsa off-cut I had. It doesn't take much to hold the tube, so these and a few drops of CA capture it nicely. I like these tubes so much more then the "rolled up paper" stuff. I'd use a toilet roll before I rolled up cheap paper... haha.

Pic #3, and #4. ... and you have basically a "hanger assembly" that will lightly hold the tubes forever.. I might have added .25g with this..I doubt it though.

Pic #5. My miniature lumber yard. Everybody should have one.

I don't think I mentioned this, but a little FYI on this plane's design... as some might think its a "symetrical" wing... such is not the case though, it's definately "semi-symetrical".. and could even be considered a "modified flat-bottom".. and its evidenced greatly when the wing is turned over, and really is obvious from the start from my perspective(as it would be anyone actually building)... I'm expecting some really great flying from this plane.. I've flown wings like this before.. they can really do some stuff, and settle in beautifully.

Next up.... sheeting and cap-strips...
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