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Originally Posted by Chas View Post
It isn't the symmetry of the crank in the casting that would worry me, rather that the liner will be out of whack with the piston. The liner seats on the casting, so if the crankshaft sits high it will alter the piston/liner timing. Perhaps 3/32" off center is "close enough".
Yeah... ....and maybe...

See the rough scetch below.
If the "figure" of red lines has true angles & dimensions, all is well, no matter if the casting looks like a's the guy in the machine shop that may mess things up a friday afternoon....

The A/A distance is, as you say, critical for port timing, and experience tells that some engines are more critical than others in this respect (on some examples, particularily small engines, even the thickness of the cyl.foot gasket will affect the function), while certain engines don't seem to get upset whatever we do.... (it's not magic, but closely related...)

So, a rough casting may make us suspicious at first glance, but it doesn't have to be that bad after all....

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