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Originally Posted by Art Newland View Post
On a side note, I can be off topic... it's my thread! This info is FWIW.

After playing with my buddies new charger, I was impressed enough with it I bought one of the single output versions. Still capable of 550 watts (most chargers are lucky to do 80) and charging up to 14S in 7 cell packs connected in series. I really think it's wise to balance charge when possible, especially if you are charging at high current. On 12 volt input it is only capable of about 220 watts (can handle 29 v in), but that's still a 5000 mA 12S pack at 1C. I experimented a bit tonight while installing the tail on the senorita, charged 2 4S-4900 packs in series (8S) at 4.9 amps. The charger was pulling 17.5 amps off of my old converted PC power supply. I'm amazed the PS could continue to deliever that kind of current for any length of time, it's rated for 9 amps on the 12 volt output. With only 18 gauge wire on the PS output, it got a little warm. I've been reading the 12v 100 amp PS thread and decided to pick up a more powerful server PS. I bought one of these off ebay;

Good for 72 amps, and what I read is they are series-able (madeup word), could hook two of them together for 24 v output. No conversion needed.
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