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Hello gents... a bit of progress here.. in the usual "California Gold" weather.. at about 72degrees again today. The glue is going down very well here, setting up fairly quickly also.. seems to be just enough humidity around, with a very light layer of clouds... Tom, glad you're thawing a bit, at least long enough for some painting. Looks good man. I'm going to have to build and paint one someday. As its been the last several years I've only painted my house.. haha.. thank goodness for Monokote..

anyways.. here I go..

Pic #1. The ply doublers in thier final resting place. There's a doubler on each edge(LE and TE)... then a 1/16" doubler each side of the 1/4" spar, top and bottom. This configuration leaves the front end of the wing inside open, as that's where the Rx and battery will go inside that cavity.

Pic #2. I ripped down all the sheeting, which in this case leaves off-cut for another component... Also.... This is my new-to-me MicroMark mini-table-saw. It made short order of giving me 2 3/8" planks. I cut them two at a time,(1/16" thick each).. very precise cuts. I ended up with 4 identical sheets. There's another thread mentioning saws..I've talked about it in there.. but if anyone needs a mini-table-saw.. I highly recomend this... just buy it. You won't be sorry.. and this is only the second time I've used it, but I was hooked on the first flip of the switch.

Pic. #3. A better look at the saw. Nice little gaurd for that blade.. that I'm sure to use. It's got a miter-fence also. I'm pretty impressed with it.

Pic. #4. LE sheeting down. That was easy. Everything was a perfect fit, and the sheeting ends smack in the middle of the spar, and buts in center very nicely. Just like the plans.. and very straight. On to the cap-strips..
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