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Jack, very good to hear your experience with the $32 Tx/Rx combo option has been good so far too.. I also had some s/w install issues but got the $2.00 upgraded Tx mixing and set up s/w, and when it could not detect or connect to a COM: port, the author in Italy sent me a zip file with 3 different drivers to try, and one of them worked fine on Win 7 64 bit OS so although I have not actually bound and swapped receivers into a boat yet.. it's ready as a backup..and that is all I wanted it for really..

Yes the batteries are heavy.. I am looking around for a 3S Lipo in that config that is flat and thin enuff to substitute for a set of 8 AA's in part cause the NiMH ones are heavier than a Lipo and the Low Discharge ones are only 1.2 vdc vs 1.5 vdc like the Alkalies, and so i hear the lo batter indicator may come on in about 30 minutes.. vs 4 3S lipos last about 8 to 10 hrs I think .. I charge the ones im my Optic 6 / JR Tx's weekly and never ran low yet.

As to the keycam mount on the mast.. it's super simple.. and i will get some picts of the new paper clip version which replaced the one I made of EPP foam.. it worked Ok but vibrated more in wind, and it has more drag and less stability than what I started with in the 3rd thru 5th picture you will see now back up in post No 123 above..

Have Fun,

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Jim, I tested the $32 2.4hz Flysky CT6 TX today. It worked fine, good distance and response, after the fiddling with PC drivers and software at home before I used it. But I enjoyed that. The TX is a little heavier than the 4 chan AM TXs I'm used to but no problem. Maybe I'll get a helicopter, etc. one of these days to utilize all the features.
BTW, do you have a picture of the camera mounted on the top of your mast? At least that's what I assume. Nice videos.
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