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Originally Posted by carguy1994ca View Post
I looked at the monitor yes and tought it was safe enough. But as soon as you fly FPV you go farther than LOS and then there is wind and the cloudy sky with the white plane and....

Google must help but I found that when flying there (the new spot), I thought I was over a football field when in fact I was before the field, because the camera looks horizontally and therefore if you are over something, you don't see it, you see beyond it, so you always have to think where the plane is relative to you and it becomes hard after only several seconds of flying FPV in a unkown place. So it can be tough to find out.

BTW, thinking of a very flashy paint job on the Stryker...
I personally think the looking around in googlemaps or earth is a total waste of time,
1) google imaging is fairly old, so some landmarks have changed since the last time the area has been snapped
2) the maps are not seasonal. what looks evergreen permanently green fields could be yellow rapeseed in spring which becomes black in automn, so, real landmarks
3)the maps are always oriented so North is at the top of the screen...the plane doesn't do that ....
4) there are many other reasons i guess
the fact is you go up there with a recorded image in your head of the airspace around you and... BAM you find yourself in a totally different Universe

the best way is to do what Art did at the beginning, that is , take aerial shots from your plane whaile flying LOS and then use a spotter to guide you .
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