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I just had to check it out....

A few years ago this Irvine Mills 75 was liberated from the attic of a retired hobby dealer who was selling off.....

It is still unused/untouched. The engine has yet to be "de-petrified" fact it is "factory petrified", as it was obviously run before leaving Irvine.

A quick ocular check for excentricity tells, a little...
The hawk-eyed viewer will see that the crankshaft pokes just slightly upwards.

This divergence doesn't feel large enough to worry me though....I guess a thorough check of all old P/B diesels wouldn't leave us too many 100% true fact, judging by the outline of the casting doesn't tell us too much about the true angular precision - which may well be perfect internally....the eye may be mislead by the rough's the machining that counts...

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