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Originally Posted by Trailrider View Post
Nope I doubt it's that. The chopper seems fine when you switch it off and on again. And you could do that 30 times. If it was the battery it would be flat.

Hulluva frustrating this!
The description you give is very similar to what a lot of S032s die of. I have one myself and it acts just like this. The consensus there seems to be early motor wearout.

Since this is almost unheard of in S107s I think it must be somewhere else besides the motors but you never know. I have two S107s with over 80 flights on them each now and I have never seen anything like this. Both purchased since mid-January but from different lots (an R5 board in one and an R12 in another).

These are the most stable and reliable helicopters I have (out of only 7 I admit). I think your problem is an unusual one.
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