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Wire length between ESC/Battery...ESC/Motor...Please help !!

Hi Everyone.

I know this has probably been done to death but I need help !!

I am currently working on 2 projects. An ME 262 pusher twin setup and a HET F16

My questions are these:

1: On my 262 setup the ESC's are in the necelles with the motors. This has resulted in quite long battery leads.

Setup is: 2 x turnigy Trust 55A ESC for 2-6 Lipo, HET Typhoon 4W motors (PUSHER PROPS) running to a single 4s 2200 lipo. the battery leads are about 50cm long. Am I going to have issues here ?? 2.4g setup.

2: On my HET F16 Im planning to run a 4s 3500 lipo. I have heard some people say to mount the ESC behind the fan unit in the airflow and others say mount it elsewhere. I dont really want to mount it behind the fan as I cant get access to it there and it disrupts the airflow. Can I have a trade off here and slightly lengthen ESC to motor wires and ESC to battery wires ??? I would prefer to mount the ESC in the fuse if possible.

3: On the 262 should I run independent batteries, ie 2 x packs, 1 for each motor or is it OK to run both to the one flight pack??

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