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Good story Joe... Its just where mine might go someday.. I'll remember that. I am having a great time working on this plane.. I know that. I've gotten a bit more done this weekend.. as it now has one nearly complete wing.. not 2 wing halves..

Pic #1. The second half of the wing, all spars glued in place, all leading edges glued on, servo rail glued(front-rails, rear rail will glue when wing flips over and servo is placed in for measurement)rear servo rail cut/ready to glue.

Pic #2. Looking down the pipe.. its straighter then I thought it would be.. really its very straight.. I don't know what I was seeing when I took this pic.. as its a bit fuzzier then I'd like.. its the only one I got at this angle though.. so sorry for the fuzz.

Pic #3. The center of wing/servo tray. The tray ties it all together. The small pieces of wood to the right are the LE and TE joiners, the strips to far right are spar doublers. These will epoxy in, and finish the center joint.
I did build this wing without lifting it, and its turned out great to this point... If I would have followed the book, I would have lifted and replaced that wing in some form twice already... it just took a bit of thought, but I think its paid off.
Also, this wing doesn't have any fiber-glass reinforcement, as it looks to rely on the fuselage/wing joint for strength.. which does stand to reason.. any case though, I still think its plenty strong, and decently light at this point...a big key to that strength though is in keeping every joint precise.

Pic #4. is the tool-of-the-day again. I'm finding using this tool, just too cool. I can now flip it around, use several sides and slots.. I didn't even realize what I was doing it came so natural... I saw myself flip through my fingers changing it around a few times, and I'm like.."how'd I do that?"..very good tool.

I'm hoping to get a bit more done tomorrow... but by Wednesday I should have some good steam going again.
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