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Originally Posted by george2 View Post
No....I"ve been flying this bird since december,not programmed anything in the Tx since then.Well,I"m sure I won"t buy their new Hurricane Hawker wich we wanted to purchase- my friends too-its going to use the same underrated electrics-esc.servos.
What I was suggesting would have happened when you programmed the rx originally and may not have created an immediate problem. The manual states that one of the first things you should do after binding is set the control surface travel. It's specific about doing this before setting dual rates. It doesn't say anything about reversing switches prior to setting throws if you need to.

So hypothetically, if you programmed 140% up elevator and 110% down elevator on the travel adjust in order to get the recommended 48-50mm travel and THEN reversed the elevator servo (which I think you have to do on all DX7's, but should be done prior to adjusting travels) then you would end up getting 30% MORE travel above the 48-50mm. This may not instantly create a problem, but over time could over work the servo.

As for the rest of the electrics in the plane, I have not had any problems or heard of many with the ESC or the RX. Someone did say they had the elevator servo dislodge from the RX theoretically because the RX is mounted upside down. I'm also pretty convinced that the breaking motor mounts and vibrations is due to a really crappy inconsistent eflite prop. They are next to impossible to properly balance in the hub and blades.
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