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Hello latebreaker.. I agree on that sanding machine totally. I can't even think of how many things I use that on around the house, its got so many applications.. welcome aboard.

I got to the hobby shop yesterday for a bit of "simulator time". They have the RealFlight(whatever the newest version..5.5 maybe?). That version has probably 100+ planes.. and the Dazzler is one of them. I like to check them out on the sim to see how they might fly.

I've found the sim to be actually very realistic... more like extremely realistic to the control, response, and performance of many different planes. Thats an FYI if your curious how something might fly, take a trip to your LHS and check it out on the sim, I've been doing it for years. I'd buy the sim program itself, but I would probably end up spending too much time on it.

Anyway... The Dazzler won't disappoint me I'm sure, if its anything like the sim.. its going to a wild ride. I had it doing things on the sim that were nuts. I just might want a few more of these fun-fly things.

Pic #1. The spars installed, the trailing edge vertical stock installed, and the sub-leading-edge. There's a thicker piece of stock that's glued onto the leading edge after the wing is joined. There will be some shaping to do, and I've got just the tool. I've gathered and cut everything for the second wing-half at the same time I worked the first half, so the second half stock is all there ready to assemble.

Also at this time, the manual calls for taking this structure off the board... I'm saying not yet though, as I build the second wing-half, I see no reason why I can't leave the first half on the table to get the spars to mate perfectly. I can pull it up anytime if needed, but it might work out how I'm thinking. Then when its time to join them, I'll only have to lift one half to get the doublers and epoxy in.

The longer that wing can stay on a straight table, the straighter it will be in the end, at least in my thinking. We'll see.
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