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Some info about the Holland Hornets.
Both the Fox 049 FAI Special and the Hornets in 049 or 051 configuration were comparable-but in the case of the Hornets it was the works tuned versions that performed. The 049 FAI special was virtually a completely different engine from the standard Fox 049, and IIRC the only parts that were common were the backplate and NVA. The case, shaft, piston and liner were all significantly altered in the 049 FAI compared with the std.
The Fox peaked at about 19,000-a bit lower than the TD, whereas IIRC the Hornets peaked a little higher than the TD. The Hornet only had a aluminium rod-which let go if over-revved..........
The Fox as we all should know is still available-ditto parts-and limited parts for the Hornet are available thru MECOA. The heads are the problem-Doug Galbreath does an option with a turned down Cox head (converted into an insert, and using the Hornet head as a hold down ring)-but these too are now a dwindling resource. I have experience with the Fox and it is a nice handling engine-which performs well on a 6x3. The suppliers warn about going over 40% nitro-which will blow heads.



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