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Originally Posted by rcpilot23 View Post
Im in Perth and Modelflight have already replaced the mount and the motor in my CZ YAk 54 after like 10 flights.

I have had no servo problems so far.

Done about 10 flights with the new motor mount and motor.

I haven't pushed my Yak very hard yet.

Are the servos failing even when flying mild?
I was flying mild, I was actually on my turnaround for the landing approach when this happened, at about 50' or so I banked to the left, hit the elevator and I got a slight reaction for a split second, plane started turning and then nothing, I held the elevator full back as I just watched it nose dive into the ground with no control. I will have to send it back to HH, not sure how much that will cost, not sure if they will replace it either. Even if they do replace it, I probably won't fly it untill I get a new Rx with remote and flight logging just so I can feel a bit more comfortable. I learned a hard lesson already, I should have had this stuff on a plane this expensive but then again I wouldn't expect a failure on it's 6th flight, it had maybe 20 minutes of flight time, not a scratch on it. I also want to upgrade my DX6i to a DX8 and get a new elevator servo. This has been a horrible experience so far, not only that 30 people saw what happened and the plane crashed about 20' away from a group of bystanders. We'll see if HH steps up to the plate on this one, I was looking forward to an enjoyable experience with this plane, still can't wait to fly it again but can't really afford it, especially if HH doesn't help me. That will be around $500 ($400 plus tax and shipping it back to them) down the drain for 20 minutes of fun.
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