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Originally Posted by Earl E Adobtr View Post
Wow! Welcome to San Marcos. I would have liked to have seen the other end of that train. Were you flying FPV? Those downward pan shots were cool. Beyond the great stability, you demonstrate some impressive stick control - those slow pans are hard to do in the wind. Can you imagine the possibilities with the GPS board? I'm convinced, we are on the verge of being able to produce some truly breathtaking AP. Those of us who have been photographing since we were kids are kids once again thanks to George and his team.
Hey Earl,

Thanks for the kind comments, sorry about the train. I did record it all but I was trying to shorten the video.

No FPV - yet! The X8 will have a pan/tilt fpv camera. I might consider getting a cheap camera and video rx/tx system for the hexa. It sure would make lining up shots so much easier, and little less scary for me when the copter gets far away and I can no longer decipher orientation and just have to assume it is still facing the same way it went. I really need to stop doing that because it may cause an issue someday. A couple of occasions yesterday I had it really far out and started to bring it back but it was so far out I could not calculate the proper stick input. When I was finally able to decipher that it was indeed coming back at me I realized I had it coming back really fast and she was in a sharp arm down trajectory. Recovering from this was a little scary over the river and certainly dangerous. Now that I just typed the word 'dangerous' I must get an FPV system for the hexa. It will have to wait a little bit since I am already overdrawn on the X8 account! Secured a bit more grant funding for this project that will be available in June so it will have to wait until then.

I am sooo excited to get the GPS because I can actually start doing some real research testing.

Very happy I have stuck with George through QP and on to HFP.

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