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Originally Posted by flattermann View Post

'.....I am still not convinced that vectoring is an improvement on moveable surfaces....'

Vectoring as a new concept allows, to bring flying objects of many kind easyly without control surfaces into the air (as kites are, but not only kites).
Besides, "improvement" does not necessarily mean the same thing for different types of aircraft. Take helicopters for example. It is not an "improvement" over airplanes since it is much less efficient at flying than planes. But of course it can do things a fixed wing aircraft can't (or couldn't, I swear these days 3D foamies look like they can do it all and then some).

For me it's mostly about the fun of trying something new. I don't think we've fully explored what thrust vectoring can do at such light wing loading. And it's not just thrust vectoring. I'm sure people will come up with clever ways to do control surfaces with kites. Since it's fabric we don't even need hinges, at least not in the traditional sense. And we haven't tried twin motors yet. We haven't tried to see how big a kite we can fly or how small. There are so many directions to take this. It's new, it's fun, it's something we don't fully understand yet (which makes it more fun and/or frustrating). It's not necessarily "better" but I think that's all right.
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