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Originally Posted by cayars View Post
Guys, I should have clarified a bit more what I was talking about with a "ban". I was specifically talking about the DX8/6200 combo being banned for use at the fields. Not the DX8 as a whole. If I didn't write that or it didn't come across I apologize.

The object is not to punish a DX8 owner, but to bring attention to the fact that there is enough documention to establish a potential problem that can cause a safety issue. Another club member has suggested that a person could certify his 6200 for use with the DX8 by having shown it doesn't cause any glitches using a foamy to fly a couple of packs through it while making sure no incidents occur. This would serve the purpose of finding the really problematic receivers right off the bat.

I honestly don't know how this is going to unfold. Maybe just bringing this combo (dx8/6200) to the attention of everyone in the clubs will be enough. As it stands now the 2 of us are aware of the issue and can take the proper steps to not fly this combo.

We do plan on running similar tests with the 6100 series receivers and see what happens. I know I've made up little labels on crack and peel paper that say "DX8 checked" on them and another that says "DX8 failed" on them and as I've been running different receivers with the DX8 I've been labeling these as I go.

So hopefully this helps to clarify the mindset on the "ban".
I took your post to mean the combo DX8/AR6200. I also noted that you were going to make a recommendation/motion to your club membership. Nothing would happen unless the motion was accepted and the membership voted for approval. As president you weren't banning anything yourself, but your club membership might vote to do so.
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