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Originally Posted by cayars View Post
Not as controlled evaluations as mine so I don't value his results as much as my own.

Scientifically, no.

I've only had my DX8 for a few weeks with a few days worth of flying time.

Call it a hunch, but I honestly don't think it's a power issue. I base this "guess" on the fact of using different quality ESC and also the separate battery pack. Also the fact that these same combos never caused problems with other transmitters.

At this time all I have done is try with different ESCs (quality units) like the Airboss and ICE controllers and also with fully charged battery pack with no ubec powering the radios. No logging has been done at this time. I do believe the ICE controllers can do logging but I haven't gotten that far yet. One of my buds does have an Eagle Tree Logger that I'm sure he would let me borrow. Getting some logging data to check power issues is something I'm planning on doing but have yet to do. While I don't think it's a power issue I do want to rule this out in a controller manner.

You could be right about a "marginal" setup. This in itself is pretty scary. Something marginal that works fine with a JR, DX5, DX6i and DX7 that just doesn't work reliably with a DX8 is in itself cause for alarm. But that is speculation.

I'm not a nay-sayer, a spectrum basher or anything like that. I love this platform but I'm concerned right now. While HH is known for it's customer support it "feels" like we are being let down with this issue. All we ever hear/or read is that things were tested and sent back. This might be one of those odd situations where lab/bench testing isn't going to find a problem easily. I know I'd feel a lot better about the situation if I knew HH was actively trying to pinpoint the said issue by flying some of the problematic returned receiver/transmitters as apposed to just bench checking them.

FWIW, I've had my DX8 since early September, and put about 80 flights
on a 6200 equipped 500 size heli before winter.

Never had any issues.
Nor, with close to 100 flights on a 6100 equipped 250 heli indoors.
No problems either with a 6100 equipped electric 47" Yak flown beyond
what most would consider "park-flyer range".

If there is an intrinsic problem with compatibility between the DX8 and the 6200 or 6100 rx's, I think I should have experienced it, and I just haven't.
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