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Potential DX8 Issue

Reading through the debate on the potential issue with DX8/AR6200 - has anyone taken specific note on if there were other transmitters/potential interference? What about heat? I've only flown my dx8/ar6200 twice (it's still too dang cold here), but haven't had any issue. I know they're not trying to punish DX8 owners by mentioning a ban, and I'm sure mentioning one is meant to get Spektrum to take note of the issue.

I hate the whole mindset people seem to have now days where one mistake messes something up for everyone or an issue gets blown way out of proportion. Last time I checked I still lived in America... Spektrum does need to own up to a potential issue - no argument there, but Toyota has lost millions and there hasn't been 1 shred of scientific proof there's anything wrong with their throttles. HH may be one of the biggest guns out there in the RC industry, but I doubt they could recover from something like Toyota has gone through. The problem is if they admit to potential issues everyone gets all "sue happy". I would sure hope they are aware of the issue even if they're not admitting it.

If you've got an issue with yours let's try to rule out variables and be scientifically minded here - rule out every other possibility. Send them your equipment for inspection, bombard them with scientific data (a couple guys mentioned a great idea of getting flight logger systems). Bottom line - let's try to be part of the solution not the problem.
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